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Tampa Photographer :: Beards of Tampa Bay :: Adam Quinn

Name Adam Quinn Where are you from? Clearwater, Florida Occupation Information Architect / Bagpiper How long have you been growing your beard? I grew my first beard in 1998 living in Northwest Washington state, since then I’ve pretty much always had some sort of facial hair. I’ve had may current beard for about 2 years but started letting it grow longer about 6 months ago. What started you on this path? I took part in an experimental survey by Freakanomics with a virtual coin toss whether to shave my beard at the time, or continue to grow it. The flip was to grow it, so since then I haven’t shaved. This wool hat was also a factor – I got it about 6 months ago at the Pleasanton Highland Games in California where I was competing with the City of Dunedin Pipe Band. Once I started wearing it around the games the comments were basically “…you’re going to need a bigger beard”, so that was a little extra incentive to keep it going. End goal for your beard? According to my k[...]

USF Tampa Engagement Session - Nicole & Joey Engaged to be Wed

It was such a pleasure to work with this wonderful couple. They are so much fun to work with and are a great match for each other. I am very excited to photograph their wedding in 2014! Here are some sneak peeks and some words Nicole & Joey had to say about their experience. [nggallery id=100]   How did you both meet? We met at the University of South Florida through mutual friends. ·   How long have you been together? We have been together for 5 years ·   What attracted you to each other the most? We have the same sense of humor and same morals and values. We also enjoy many similar things, such as traveling, going to the beach, concerts, movies, etc., which gave us a million things to talk about and do. ·   How did he propose? He proposed as we were walking the dog along a beautiful path that overlooks the water one evening. ·   What was the planning process like? The planning process has been interesting to say the least. Some things have been str[...]

Tampa Boudoir Photographer | Mrs. B Boudoir Session Testimonial

What made you decide to do a boudoir session? I decided to do a boudoir session because my one year anniversary was approaching and I wanted to get my boyfriend something special and incorporate our relationship in some photos. Plus, I jokingly said to Jonathan "these pictures need to seal the deal and make my boyfriend want to put a ring on my finger" LOL I enjoyed working with Jonathan because: I enjoyed working with Jonathan soooo much! I searched for a few weeks for a photographer and it seemed like the ones I spoke to was they were either a fake photographer, produced low quality pictures, or they weren't creative enough. Jonathan is the total opposite. He def. knows his stuff and it shows in his work! Describe your boyfriends reaction to your boudoir portraits: My boyfriends reaction to my pictures was a moment I will always remember! He loved them all and was shocked that I stepped out of my comfort zone ( I was shocked also). He kept staring at them and smiling. I still ca[...]

Saint Petersburg Boudoir Photography :: Mrs. M Boudoir Session

Recently we created a new Little Black Book for a client who wanted to give her husband a unique gift that he will cherish for the rest of his life. He is currently in the military and she wanted to surprise him when she went to visit. Here is what she had to say about her experience and some of her images from her boudoir session. What made you decide to do a boudoir session? I wanted to give my husband something very special for his birthday. He is always away and we only see each other for about a week at a time once every four or five months out of the year and he is always asking for pictures of me whether I'm just sitting there doing homework and he just wants to see my face or if I told him I bought a new outfit and he wants to see it on me. Either way, he is always interested in seeing current pictures of me. I enjoyed working with Jonathan because: He is very professional and was able to get the most amazing pictures out of me and I believe myself to be a very awkward person[...]

Tampa Wedding Photographer - Lauren & Davids Engagement Session Ybor & Ft. De Soto

Is there a happier time in a person’s life than when they meet that special someone with whom they can see spending the rest of their years? Okay, maternity pictures, but that’s a different blog! Wedding and engagement photographs are some of the most important pictures that a person can have in their lifetime and it’s important to hire a professional to capture these memories in a way that reflects who you both are. We recently had the pleasure of photographing the newly engaged couple, Lauren and David, to mark this joyous occasion. Lauren and David’s love story started eight months ago when they met through a mutual friend. And it was obvious that these two love each other a great deal when I met them. He proposed on his birthday at dinner in front of all their friends and family. The cake, instead of a traditional birthday cake, came out saying “OMG … He went to Jared’s” and he went down on one knee to ask for the greatest birthday present he could ever hope for.  Of course, s[...]