Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography and Ideas

  Black and white Valentine’s boudoir picture of woman in thong

Looking for a unique gift for Valentine’s Day? Jonathan Fanning Photography can help! Boudoir photography is one of the most popular styles we offer, and what better occasion is there for boudoir than the holiday of love?

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Boudoir portraits give you the chance to show your loved one how much you care for them, whether you’re buying a boudoir photoshoot as a gift to your partner or gifting them photos of yourself.

To help our customers in the Tampa Bay area (or anyone interested in Valentine’s boudoir photography), we’ve put together this list of Valentine’s boudoir ideas and tips to help you prepare for this exciting, sexy gift.

B&W boudoir shot of topless woman sitting on couch

1. Bring inspirational boudoir photos

We recommend bringing photos that are similar to the style that you are looking for. Our catalog includes dozens of different boudoir styles, and we want your shoot to be unique to you and your desires. Jonathan captures the beauty of the female body in a way that is tasteful, classy, elegant, timeless, and visually stunning.

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2. Consider bringing a friend for support

We sometimes get requests for friends being brought along for moral support, which can be a great idea! If you would like to bring someone, we would love to have them accompany you during your session. We do however have one request: no foxes in the hen house.

3. Have your boudoir photoshoot on location

Jonathan’s Valentine’s boudoir portrait service can be created on location such as in the comfort of your own home, luxury hotel, or our conveniently located studio. Some of our clients find that the photos have more personal meaning when they’re captured in a familiar location.

 Valentine’s Day boudoir photo of nude woman standing behind wet shower glass

4. Wear your favorite lingerie, or buy some new lingerie

We want you to feel at your sexiest during your Valentine’s Day boudoir photoshoot, so we encourage you to bring and wear your favorite lingerie. In fact, we recommend that you bring a variety of items, such as sexy bra and pantie sets, sexy sleepwear, thigh-high stockings, bikinis, cocktail dresses, miniskirts, cute tops, and plenty of fun jewelry and accessories that go with your outfits. We are also happy to provide you with a list of recommendations. 

And if you’re buying this photoshoot for a significant other, why not include some new lingerie as part of the gift?

5. Use Valentine’s Day-themed props

At our studio, we have plenty of props and furniture, but you may want to bring something with personal meaning to you and your partner. Do you have a favorite box of chocolates you buy every Valentine’s Day? We’ll take a picture of you seductively biting into one. If you’re giving flowers as a Valentine’s gift, bring them and we can incorporate them into your photoshoot!

Boudoir photograph of half-nude woman kneeling, covering her breasts with her hands

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