Boudoir Photography Tampa FL Gift Ideas

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  • Looking for a unique gift for Valentines Day? Jonathan Fanning can help! Contact us today to create your one of a kind gift for that special someone.
  • Creating Boudoir portraits Allow you to show your loved one how you care for them.


  • We recommend bringing photos that are similar to the style that you are looking for. During the session we offer refreshments as well as hair & make-up stylist to help you with anything that you may need.
  • We sometimes get requests for friends being brought along for moral support, if you would like to bring someone we would love to have them accompany you during your session Jonathan Fanning Studios elegant, tasteful boudoir photos are for clients that are looking for unique, sexy and beautiful boudoir or nude portraits.

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  • As you can see from our boudoir gallery,  Jonathan captures the beauty of the naked or semi-nude female body in a way that is tasteful, classy, elegant, visually stunning and sometimes edgy.
  • Jonathan’s boudoir portrait service can be created on location in the comfort of the client’s own home, in our studio or at another location.


  • If you’re interested in artful nude photography or elegant, sexy, trashy or fun boudoir photography or bridal boudoir photos, contact us  for your own private portrait session or if you have any questions about our service, would like to view our portfolio of boudoir portraits or to schedule a session please contact us at 727.851.9965 or [email protected]