Digital Photo Restoration for Old & Damaged Photos in Clearwater and St Petersburg

Photographs are the gateway to memories. They help us commemorate important events, celebrate life, and cherish the bonds of family. Unfortunately, physical photos are fragile. They often bend, tear, warp, incur water damage, and become bleached by sunlight over the years.

This wear and tear is reversible with Jonathan Fanning on your side – we’re your digital photo restoration experts.

Jonathan Fanning Studio & Gallery has over 14 years of experience restoring old photographs and has experienced working on photographs as old as the Civil War. Our team restores your worn photos in-house to their former glory by using state-of-the-art digital technology and techniques picked up from years of experience.

Don’t let your memories fade with time. Let us bring them back to life. Here is what you need to know about photo restoration and what Jonathan Fanning will do for you.

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Photo restoration is the process of reviving old photographs with the use of digital tools to as close as how they initially looked when taken. During the restoration process, the photos are digitized, killing two birds with one stone by bringing the photo back to life and creating a memory that exists indefinitely in digital format.

Old photo restoration from start to finish

This photo was brought to us in pieces in a garbage bag and we were able to restore it and bring it back to life.

Professional Photo Restoration vs. Doing It Yourself

Technology gives consumers opportunities they never dreamed possible. When it comes to photo restoration, the software available to the average consumer nowadays will allow them to digitize photos and restore them once they learn the ins and outs of the program they are using.

Photo restoration used to be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. With new software being released at affordable prices, those at home can restore photos themselves without the help of a professional to do it for you. A photo restoration service like what we offer at Jonathan Fanning Studio & Gallery will get the best results every time vs. doing it yourself no matter what software or app you purchase.

While doing it yourself can be a quick way to restore photos and share them with your family or friends, hiring a professional will always yield better results on the restoration side of your project. This is because professionals are trained to use software to restore photos and have a background in photography, allowing them to see things in your photos that you would never see.


Jonathan Fanning is an award-winning photographer with an eye for detail unmatched by his peers. This gives him the unique ability while restoring photos to pull out details, enhance color, and sharpen an image in ways even the best software can’t guide an amateur to do.

His education, background, and years of experience in photography can’t be beaten by even the best software out there. Having Jonathan Fanning restore your photos will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made to keep your family memories alive well into the future.

Jonathan Fanning Studio & Gallery starts the photo restoration process with a high-resolution scan using our professional photo scanner to digitize your photo. Then, we begin using our special techniques to bring your photo back to life by color correcting fading photographs due to sun damage or age, filling in damage spots, tears, bends, and cracks. When we bring an old black and white photograph to color, we will ask if the hair, eye color, and clothing color are known. If not, we will do research based on that time period and how the colors have shifted to make a well-educated guess.

Photo restoration services for soldiers

We can repair the cracks and color correct your old photographs.

Hiring a professional photo restorer will bring your photographs to life in ways you never thought you’d see them, no matter how much you spend on the latest and greatest photo restoration app. Don’t spend time trying to restore photos by yourself if you want the job done right – hire Jonathan Fanning Studio & Gallery to preserve your memories for a lifetime.

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Our Photo Restoration Services Process

  1. Contact us using one of our website forms or give us a call at (727) 851-9965.
  2. We’ll schedule a consultation for us to see your photographs and provide a quote.
  3. We restore your photographs. This usually takes between a week and a week and a half for a proof. Rush services are available.
  4. You review your restored proofs via email and you will approve them from there for printing.
  5. You can pick up your ordered prints or we will mail them back to you.

Why Trust Jonathan Fanning for Photo Restoration?

  • We do all our old photo restoration work in-house to ensure your old photographs’ utmost care and safety.
  • We provide emailed photo proofs before printing for your approval or revisions.
  • We have been restoring old photographs since 2007
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. *

* We do have one exception to our money-back guarantee. Occasionally when quoting a restoration, we advise a customer that the damage to their photo is too extensive for us to achieve a level of restoration we would consider satisfactory. If the customer requests that we try anyway, we will do our best as always, but we cannot offer a money-back guarantee.

Photo Restoration FAQs

What is photo restoration?

Photo restoration is the process of digitizing and improving the quality of an older photograph using software to bring out sharpness, restore faded sections, and much, much more. The goal of photo restoration is to restore the original image to what it looked like before mother nature, wear and tear, or neglect damaged the photograph.

Can you get old photos restored?

Old photo restoration

Remove people

Yes, you can get old photos restored and digitized. Unfortunately, while most photos can be restored somehow, not all photos may be restored like the day they were taken. We will do our best to restore them as much as possible. It really depends on various factors, such as the condition of the original photo, what parts need to be restored, and more. We’ll set realistic expectations once we can examine the photos.

I have an old black and white photograph. Can I make it color instead of black and white?

Yes, our experts can turn any of your old black and white or sepia photographs into beautiful color photographs.

I am out of town. Can I still have you restore my photographs? 

We have done work for clients who live across the United States from California, New York, Michigan, Georgia, Bahamas, North Carolina, Colorado, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Texas. Call us before mailing your photographs to ensure we can restore your photograph and to get the proper mailing procedures to ensure we receive your photos.

How long will it take to get my old photographs to look new again?

Our photo restoration service usually takes between one to one and a half weeks, depending on the season and what’s needed to restore the photograph. Rush orders are available.

Do you work on the original photograph?

Photo restoration services to repair torn photographs

Repair torn photographs

No. We use a state-of-the-art high-resolution photo scanner to convert your photo digitally and then do all the photo restoration services you’ve ordered from the digital version.

This is the only copy of my photo! Will it be safe?

Yes! We hold ourselves to very high standards as if the old, cherished photograph was our own. We have restored very old photos ranging from the Civil War, WWI, and one-of-a-kind documents that are incredibly fragile. We take the utmost care of your cherished photographs and do all photo restoration services in-house.

How much will it cost?

Restoration artwork depends on the extent of the damage done to the photograph. The best way for us to give you an estimate is to make an appointment to come by the studio. We do offer special quantity pricing. Schedule an appointment for a free estimate by calling us at (727) 851-9965.

Can you enlarge my photo?

Yes, absolutely!

Where are you located?

Our studio is conveniently located by the St Pete / Clearwater Airport at 4500 140th Ave N., Suite #110 Clearwater, FL 33762, and is by appointment only. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule your complimentary estimate or give us a call at (727) 851-9965.

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