Clearwater, FL ERAS Application Photos for Medical Students

Stand out from the crowd by going the extra mile to have a professional headshot photo taken for your ERAS MD Residency Application. A clean, professional photo shows your attention to detail and will set you miles apart from just an amateur photo taken against a white wall. Should you be selected for an interview by a program, the program will use your ERAS photograph to identify you at the interview and as a memory aid when creating a rank order list.

What size should an ERAS photo be? 

  • The photo must be 2.5 in x 3.5 in at 150 dpi with the maximum file size being 150KB

What should my ERAS photo look like?

  • The photograph must be a clear, full front view of your head and shoulders. Your face should be in the middle of the photograph, and your expression should be natural with your eyes open and looking directly ahead with a white background.
  • We highly recommend being dressed professionally as if you are going to the interview when you arrive for your headshot.

Contact Jonathan Fanning for your ERAS Photos

We will take a variety of different photos and then help you select the best one for your application photo. Once you have made your selection, the portrait will be retouched and sized to the ERAS specifications and delivered via download same day or next business day.

Call us today 727-851-9965 to schedule your Medical Residency Application Headshot appointment today at our studio.