Medical Headshot Photography in Clearwater and St. Petersburg, FL

Let’s be honest with one another: people judge books by their cover. They judge medical professionals and doctors by the first picture they see. Looking for a doctor online has become everyday practice. The first impression they get of you is that headshot on different websites highlighting your expertise and availability.

If that medical headshot isn’t inviting, friendly, and trustworthy, they’re not going to call you – they’re going to call your competition. Let Jonathan Fanning craft your first impression with a medical headshot that speaks to who you are as a professional in your field.

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What Do Potential Patients See When They See Your Medical Headshots?

Medical-professional-headshots-st-petersburg-Professional headshots for medical professionals and doctors are more important than ever. With potential patients finding more information online, scheduling telehealth appointments, having a strong presence on the web starts with your headshot.

While your headshot in no way reflects your quality as a medical doctor or professional, many potential consumers will judge low-quality, blurry, or no photo to mean you take no pride in what you do. If you take no pride in something as simple as a headshot, why would they trust you with their health concerns?

Your medical headshots will define your image in the eyes of potential patients for years to come. Make a strong first impression and show them who you are with professional medical headshots from Jonathan Fanning.

Do You Need ERAS Application Photos?

If you need headshots for your ERAS MD Residency Application, Jonathan Fanning has you covered. Our medical headshots for your application will set you apart from the crowd of applicants you’re competing against for a coveted spot in the program of your choice.

When one picture can make the difference between whether you are accepted to the medical residency of your dreams, why risk taking the picture yourself? Learn more about our professional headshots for your ERAS application here.

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How Our Medical Headshot Process Works

  1. Jonathan Fanning’s medical headshot process starts with you calling us today at 727-851-9965 or filling out our contact form. Give us as much detail as possible here to let us know what you’re looking for, how many people need headshots, and anything you think will help us help you.
  2. From there, we’ll go into detail with you on the date and time of your medical headshot photoshoot. We can go over recommendations for what to wear and how to prep yourself to take the best photos possible.
  3. Next, you’ll pay a retainer to confirm your photoshoot date.
  4. Then, on photoshoot day, you’ll be able to review images after the shoot and choose right away what will be your medical headshots.
  5. Finally, you’ll get a link to download those headshots once they’ve been retouched with your photo release.

ERAS-application-photo-st-petersburg-professional-photographer-Our medical headshot service also includes:

  • Retouching enhancements to whiten teeth, remove stray hairs, and more.
  • Color and black and white options to choose from.
  • Download of your ordered images for use in print and on the web.

Want to learn more about what professional business and medical headshots will do for your career, clientele, and future? Click here to learn more about our business photography services.

Choose Jonathan Fanning to Take Your Medical Headshots to the Next Level

Jonathan Fanning is proud to take medical headshots for medical professionals and those looking to complete their residency in the Saint Petersburg area and beyond. Medical professionals, doctors, and nurses are integral to our daily lives. It’s our pleasure to help them succeed and help countless others tackle health issues and live better lives.

Please contact us or call us at 727-851-9965 to schedule your medical headshot appointment today.

FAQS About Medical Headshot Photography

What Should I Wear for Medical Headshots?

We recommend that you show up for your professional medical headshots in your typical work attire, such as business casual under your doctor’s lab coat. However, if you’re getting an ERAS application photo, you should wear professional interview attire (business casual or formal, NOT scrubs or medical attire.

Do You Need a Headshot for Medical School?

Yes, ERAS MD Residency Applications have photographic requirements. You can learn more about the specific requirements on our photography blog.

Can You Smile in an ERAS Headshot?

Yes, you can smile in your ERAS application headshot; in fact, we recommend it!