tampa-family-pictures-photographer-jonathan-fanning-0070“I have enlisted Jonathan’s expert photography skills and service several times over the past two years, and can say without reservation that I have been beyond completely satisfied with the process and its results.”  – Carolyn T

“I don’t know what to say. Thank you for capturing the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. But that doesn’t convey the emotions I’m overwhelmed with when I look at them. Perhaps the proper words will come to me after I’ve had time to absorb them all.” – Allison M


Family Photography

Fun, innovative and timeless! These words describe a designer family portrait by Jonathan Fanning.

To create unique images of your family, Jonathan likes to invite you to the studio or phone call to discuss ideas, talk about locations and discuss what to wear on the day of your session.  At Jonathan Fanning Studio & Gallery we work at a relaxed pace so you don’t even realize you’re having your portrait taken.

This ensures you’re having fun and that the images are natural, allowing him to create unique pieces of art for your home. Family portraits have an important role in building family history.   We start by photographing the entire family together, then we move on to breaking up by groupings in any combination that you could ever want.

They are a gift you give yourself, your children and generations to come.

The Process

  1. Contact us using one of our website forms or give us a call 727-851-9965
  2. Discuss the fine details, including the date of your photoshoot, clothing recommendations, your vision, other planning tips, & pay your session fee
  3. Shoot (in studio or on-location)
  4. Review your photographs and place your order
  5. We retouch your photographs and process your order
  6. Pick up your order

Why Choose Us?

  • We create elegant timeless photographs that you will LOVE and cherish forever
  • Over 12 years of experience
  • We help guide you in posing and clothing suggestions
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Payment plans available
  • We are just awesome

New Beginnings

Below is our guide to planning priceless portraits of your new baby.   Planning to capture fleeting moments of intimacy… a new chapter in the life of your family.

~ Images of love ~
Rarely can a single photograph capture the priceless heart-touching emotions you feel about your newborn. But a beautifully conceived image collection can… by revealing the artful nuances of expression, physical charm, and heartfelt emotion that characterize the fleeting days of infancy. The result can be a truly artful view of family relationships that creates an exceptional decorative focal point for your home.
~ The art of infancy ~
Tiny feet and hands…delicate features and expressions: Your newborn truly is a work of art! Let us create your own very special artwork…an enchanting composite or individual portrait featuring those charming physical characteristics that fill your heart with so much love.
~ Baby’s first year ~
At no time in your child’s life will changes occur so rapidly as they do during the first year and early childhood years that follow. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a tiny helpless bundle is transformed into an active, robust, and inquisitive youngster. These changes have already begun! Capture each developmental stage of the first year and beyond!
maternity-photographer-tampa-florida-~ The joyful bonds of family ~
Nothing illuminates the meaning of family more than the arrival of a new baby. Whether a first child or a new little brother or sister, a newborn writes a fresh new chapter in the life of a family. Preserving those precious days in portraits is truly an act of love. It is so hard to put into words the love you feel toward the tiny new life in your care. Fortunately, that blissful emotion can be captured in a heart-touching portraits that depict the priceless bonds between parent and child. As your child grows older, there’s no better way to show how much you treasure those special moments when everything was new and you had so much to learn about each other!
~ Decorating with style ~
Portraits that include parents with the newborn or portraits of the new baby alone are appropriate in either color or black and white, depending on your decorative intent. Life-like color portraits can blend with any decor; and black-and-white images possess the capacity to create drama and convey emotion. Either style will stand the test of time, and when displayed prominently in your home they will convey warmth and character.
What better way to demonstrate how you feel about your child than to decorate your home with portraits made at important milestones in his or her life!
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