Ybor City Engagement Photography :: Sara + Glenn

I am thrilled to share this wonderful engagement session that I did for Sara and Glenn and simply cannot wait for their beautiful wedding in Sarasota at the Powel Crosley Estate coordinated by Nicole Voute from Confetti Events. Below is just a small handful of my favorite images from their engagement photography session. Enjoy! 🙂

ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0069 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0119 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0093

How did the two of you meet?

We met at Push Ultra Lounge downtown St. Pete.

How long have you two been together?

Since January 2008

How did he propose?

The night before my birthday he made dinner and when I came home from work Taylor was waiting for me with a ring. Glenn said to Taylor “Taylor what did you want to say to mommy?” She said ” Thank you”. Apparently not the planned phrase they had rehearsed over and over that day. Hehehehe. She proceeded to say in the sweetest voice, “Mommy, marry daddy please? We love you so much”.

ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0152 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0163 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0155

Describe the wedding day (colors, theme, location, etc.)

Romantic and classic with a little shabby chic/vintage mixed in :). Navy, blush, pink at the Powel Crosley.

Any tips that you would give other couples planning their wedding?

Don’t get caught up in making everyone else happy, it is your wedding.

Investigate ALL details of your venue; Small hidden rules or requirements may not be revealed up front and may be a deal breaker.

Don’t obsess over your weight or dieting. Your fiancé’ thinks you are beautiful how you are, he’s marrying you, duh.

ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0166 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0182 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0168

Why did you choose Jonathan Fanning as your wedding photographer?

His photography wasn’t the typical “Pinterest-y” style seen in so many weddings; it is work of art.

I knew him from CrossFit Blackbeard and him and his wife Krystol are good peeps. 🙂

His personality really meshed with Glenn and I’s and I knew he would be able to get great shots of us while having fun at the same time.

Jonathan’s willingness to please his clients. You can tell he is in this field because he loves his job and truly wants his couples to love their photos.

ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0194 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0210 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0205

What was your reaction when you first saw your engagement photos?

In awe. They were amazing; leaps and bounds above what I was expecting.

Our 3-year-old daughter was a large part of our photo shoot and I always worry about getting “a good shot” with her crazy antics. Jonathan was amazing with her and got her to laugh and even follow directions. The resulting pictures made me smile from ear to ear.

We also had a shoot in Ybor City; Jonathan took us in back alleys and behind buildings and train tracks to “pose”. I was a little worried about how photos taken in those backgrounds would come out; I never should have had a doubt! They were the most romantic and stunning images I have ever had taken.

ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0233 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0254 ybor-city-engagement-photography-tampa-wedding-0249