USF Tampa Engagement Session – Nicole & Joey Engaged to be Wed

It was such a pleasure to work with this wonderful couple. They are so much fun to work with and are a great match for each other. I am very excited to photograph their wedding in 2014! Here are some sneak peeks and some words Nicole & Joey had to say about their experience.

  • How did you both meet? We met at the University of South Florida through mutual friends.
  • ·   How long have you been together? We have been together for 5 years
  • ·   What attracted you to each other the most? We have the same sense of humor and same morals and values. We also enjoy many similar things, such as traveling, going to the beach, concerts, movies, etc., which gave us a million things to talk about and do.
  • ·   How did he propose? He proposed as we were walking the dog along a beautiful path that overlooks the water one evening.
  • ·   What was the planning process like? The planning process has been interesting to say the least. Some things have been stressful, like figuring out the venue, but once that was taken care of everything else has been pretty fun!
  • ·   Why did your venue stick out to you? Our venue (The Sheraton Riverwalk) overlooks the water, but also has the downtown skyline in the background, so we get the best of both worlds. The room is very large and new which we liked as well. The ceilings are extremely high and the architecture inside the main room is beautiful, so there is no draping needed. We also loved that it has a large outdoor area overlooking the water for the boys to enjoy cigars. 🙂
  • ·   Where are you planning on going for your honeymoon? We are planning to go to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and staying at the Sandals Resort. We love spending our time on the beach and traveling to tropical locations, so St. Lucia is a no brainer. Joey also loves the idea of never having to take his wallet out on the trip! Ha.
  • ·   Describe what you have envisioned for your wedding. (colors, theme, inspiration, location of church, reception, etc.) I envision an elegant ceremony at the Hyde Park United Methodist Church. All of the bridesmaids will be wearing champagne chiffon long dresses with purple and white bouquets and the boys will all be wearing black tuxes with a champagne tie and vest. Joey will of course be wearing a white tie and vest to match me. 🙂 For the cocktail hour, everyone will be congregating out on the patio of the Sheraton Riverwalk overlooking the water and the sunset while listening to great music. For the reception, I want all of the tables decorated with Champagne linens, silver chargers, tall glass vases, and large bouquets of baby’s-breath and purple flowers. The room will be up lit in purple as well. Joey and I will be seated at the front in a sweetheart table with everyone else at large round tables. After we eat our delicious meal, let the party begin! Everyone will be dancing the night away until they can’t dance anymore!
  • ·   What was your favorite aspect of your engagement session? I love that we decided to have the session at the University of South Florida. This is where we met, so it definitely means something to us. I was concerned about it at first, but Jonathan did an amazing job finding gorgeous locations all around campus.
  • ·   What did you think when you first saw your images? We LOVED them. They are absolutely gorgeous and we could not have asked for them to turn out any better than they did. Jonathan did such an amazing job picking out beautiful locations around campus for us to go. He has an eye for lighting and it really showed through our images. He even went to the location in advance and looked around for the best places to go so there was not a moment wasted. The way he edited the images was phenomenal as well. We never knew we could look so good! Ha-ha.
  • ·   What would you tell someone who is in the market for a wedding photographer? I would say to make sure you look at their current work. That will give you a really good idea of what your images are going to turn out like. Every photographer has a different style, so make sure you like the style that photographer has to offer. Additionally, meet the photographer! You’ll be spending time alone with them and you want to make sure your personalities click before you go to a shoot. Basically what I’m saying is, pick Jonathan 😉 lol
  • ·   Why did you choose Jonathan as your photographer? See above? lol. We loved the style of his photography. We looked though basically all of his work before meeting with him and loved everything. Additionally, we met with him in advance to discuss pricing, and our personalities clicked with him. We were able to joke around with him and get to know him a bit which was important to us since we were going to be working with him a lot.
  • ·   How would describe Jonathan’s customer service? Jonathan is very customer service oriented. He really took the time to get to know us and made us feel comfortable while taking pictures which came through in the images. The first time we met him, we got wrapped up in personal stories and talked for over an hour with him. It felt like we had known him for years. Joey and Jonathan started talking about brewing their own beer and Jonathan then brought him a beer he had brewed to the engagement shoot! From the time we looked through the images with him, we had the edited images we selected within just a few days. He made sure to give me the Save-the-Date image we had chosen the day after we saw them so I was able to order the cards. He has been a pleasure to work with up to this point and I can’t wait to see what he does with our wedding day!