Benefits of Getting a Professional Headshot

In our digital age, first interactions increasingly happen online rather than in person. One of the most common ways that we form impressions of others online is based on their profile picture. Without the ability to assess someone face to face, a picture is your first line of defense in showcasing yourself to be competent, professional, and friendly. 

Many individuals assume that as long as they use a photo that they took of themselves, it will be acceptable to others. This might be okay with casual settings, but in the professional world, it is not acceptable as it makes it appear that you do not care enough about yourself to go the extra mile.

A professional headshot is the perfect opportunity to tell your story by allowing your personality and expertise to shine through a photograph. Everything from the angle, location, and expression on your face, your business headshot will tell your story. When choosing a location, it is important to think of how you would like your business headshot to look. It can be done in studio, in an urban setting, in an environmental setting, or in an office environment. Pick the location that best suits your career and desired visual aesthetic. However, one thing to keep in mind, your professional headshot should align with your brand.

Having an updated headshot is also important to have handy at all times is that you may need it for a press release, blog, social media post, or a presentation. Using a selfie or having a friend take a quick photo of you against a blank wall not only shows lack of preparation, but a lack of professionalism.

Many people ask us: “How often should I update my headshot” The answer is… It depends. You want your headshot to look like you and your current look. For an example, if you get a new haircut or hair color, you might want to update your headshot. If you grow out a beard or shave, you might want to update your headshot.

When searching for a job, a good professional headshot will help you stand out from the crowd. You will make recruiters, potential employers, and important contacts take a closer look if you are using a great headshot of yourself rather than just a poor quality cell phone photo.

Some of our most photographed industries for professional headshots include: Financial Adviser, Attorney, Tech Industry, Medical Industry and Real Estate Agents.

Check out some of our professional headshots that we have done for our clients and feel free contact us if you would like to schedule your own professional headshot shoot.