Tampa Boudoir Photographers | Mrs. B Boudoir Session Testimonial

We had such a great time creating beautiful images of Mrs. B for her to give as a gift to her boyfriend for their one year anniversary. Here is what she had to say about her boudoir experience.

What made you decide to do a boudoir session? I decided to do a boudoir session because my one year anniversary was approaching and I wanted to get my boyfriend something special and incorporate our relationship in some photos. Plus, I jokingly said to Jonathan “these pictures need to seal the deal and make my boyfriend want to put a ring on my finger” LOL
I enjoyed working with Jonathan because:  I enjoyed working with Jonathan soooo much! I searched for a few weeks for a photographer and it seemed like the ones I spoke to was they were either a fake photographer, produced low quality pictures, or they weren’t creative enough. Jonathan is the total opposite. He def. knows his stuff and it shows in his work!

Describe your boyfriends reaction to your boudoir portraits: My boyfriends reaction to my pictures was a moment I will always remember! He loved them all and was shocked that I stepped out of my comfort zone ( I was shocked also). He kept staring at them and smiling. I still catch my boyfriend from time to time looking at them and rearranging them on his nightstand and dresser. My boyfriend is not an emotional guy but I could tell by the look on his face when I gave them the pictures, he turned to mush inside.

What was your favorite aspect of your whole experience? My favorite aspect of the whole experience was when I had to preview the photos. I was expecting to sit down at a table, go through a lot of photos and having the hardest time deciding which ones to choose for my boyfriend. But that was not the case. The room Jonathan had set up to view my pictures was gorgeous, comfortable, inviting and private. I brought along my younger sister for moral support and so glad I did. Both Jonathan and my sister were able to help me choose the right pictures. My sister loved Jonathan too and will be using him in the future!

What would you tell someone who has never had a boudoir session before?  I would tell someone that has never done a boudoir session before is step outside your comfort zone. It is totally normal to feel awkward and weird at first but trust in Jonathan! He shows you what poses to do, how to look, where to look, fixes your hair. He has you in his best interest!  Also, remember why you are taking the pictures in the first place and how happy you are about to make special someone you love.

How would you describe Jonathan’s customer service?  Jonathan’s customer service is incredible! He was on vacation, hiking in the mountains when I had first emailed him about a possible session. He emailed me within an hour and asked if he could call me the next day to discuss the session. When we did speak he asked what I had in mind, some ideas he had. But what really got me is that Jonathan asked about my boyfriend and I. He wanted to know how we met, what sort of relationship we had and other specifics. This is something that no other photographer asked me while I was inquiring about a session. Jonathan really cares about his clients.

I would recommend Jonathan to my friends because:  I would defiantly recommend Jonathan and already have! Especially if you are thinking about a boudoir session. I couldn’t imagine this whole process going any easier and I feel like I have known him for years. I was that comfortable around him and being photographed in my birthday suit was not hard at all!