Sarasota Boudoir Photographers

We recently had the pleasure of creating some beautiful boudoir photography images for Ms. L here at the studio the other day and were given permission to share her photographs.

She also had some very kind words to say about her experience working with us:

“Jonathan is an AMAZING photographer – professional and detailed! His work is ART! I had breast augmentation surgery less than a year ago to increase my self-confidence. After fully healing, I selected Jonathan to take boudoir photos for a gift for my significant other, after being referred over by another client. I was very nervous going into the shoot as I had never had intimate boudoir photos taken of myself. Jonathan made the experience comfortable and one to remember! The photos turned out to be BEAUTIFUL and BREATHTAKING pieces of art that I will now have of myself for the rest of my life… Jonathan has earned a life long client as I will be using him to capture the rest of life’s important moments – proposal, engagement, wedding, children, etc!”

Many of our clients do a boudoir session for their significant other as a gift for their wedding, anniversary, birthday, or holiday, but many also do it for themselves. If you would like more information regarding our boudoir photography services, please do not hesitate to contact us today

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