Saint Petersburg Photo Restoration Services

I recently had the pleasure of restoring this old photograph for a client who wanted to surprise his wife with a “just because gift” and was asked to keep communication strictly through email as he did not have a cell phone and did not want to risk her answering the phone when I called to inform him that the restoration work was completed and ready to be picked-up. A few days after Don picked up his photo restoration, I received this lovely email from him:

“Hello Jonathan:

      Status report on your art and restoration work on the mini photo of the four beach girls. I framed the 8×10 in a PRINZ distressed drift wood frame with a nice cluster of shells on two opposing corners and left it on a white antique wicker nightstand in our bedroom while my wife Margot was out with friends.

When she arrived and went into the bedroom, I heard he say from the room: “Where did you get that picture?” “How did you get it?”  “I love it” I explained to her that a great artistic photographer that also does remarkable restorations did that?  What she remarked was how nice it was to see herself over 50 years ago, with good friends, enjoying their favorite place, the Connecticut beach near Niantic.

I was really happy to see her happy smile and joyful reaction. Great job, Mr. Fanning. The 5×7 copies will be shared with those friends, whom I am certain will love them as well.. I was fortunate to have found you and your reputation, which is, in my Navy terminology, “outstanding.”

Again, great work.

Sincerely, Don”

It is stories like this that make me absolutely love what I do. 🙂

If you or someone you know as an old photograph that they would like to get restored, do not hesitate to call us at 727-851-9965 for your free estimate.