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Military deployment can be a tough time for a relationship. Whether it’s you or your spouse heading out to serve, spending such a long time apart can put a strain on you and your love life.

Boudoir photography is a sexy and intimate way to show love to your partner, no matter the circumstances. Take a look at some of these inspiring military boudoir photography ideas so you can get started on your gift to the person you love.

Military Boudoir Photography Ideas

Pose in Your Uniform or Military-Style Clothing

Show your military pride with sexiness! This boudoir idea is perfect if you’re in the military and want to give your partner something to remember you by while on deployment. If instead, you’re taking boudoir photos for your military husband, you can always bring military-style clothing to pose in.

Boudoir photo of woman in military-style camo clothing

Woman in military camo sitting on a couch


Use Military-Style Items and Props

If you don’t have access to military garb or you want to go for a subtler approach, we recommend taking boudoir photos with military-themed props such as dog tags.

Boudoir shot of woman from above with dog tags reading "PRIVATE PROPERTY OF A SOLDIER"


Expecting While He’s Deployed? Try Maternity Boudoir!

Maternity boudoir photography is a popular way to show off the beauty of your pregnant body, and if your pregnancy only just started before your husband left on deployment, boudoir photography will show off those curvy changes!

Pregnant woman poses with yellow cloth for boudoir photography

Pregnant woman poses for photograph on red couch


Bring Some of His Favorite Things to Remind Him of Home

For many men in the U.S. military, deployment is their first long-term time period away from their home region. We recommend bringing a reminder of home to the boudoir photo shoot for your military husband, such as a favorite sports jersey or sexy outfit.

Woman poses for boudoir photo in sports jersey

Woman standing in front of brick wall in a Ford t-shirt

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