Tampa Boudoir Photography :: Tips On How To Find The Perfect Boudoir Photographer

Finding the perfect boudoir photographer that is right for you is key to having the perfect experience.  I have put together some tips on things to do when researching the best boudoir photographer for you:


Look for a photographer whose body of work is appealing to you and then look at their portfolio. It is also helpful to ask to see a full boudoir session to get a feel for how an entire session will look like. You can review these photos by scheduling a meeting with your photographer to see sample albums or an online gallery. Be sure to check out our boudoir portfolio.

Check out reviews:

Once you find a boudoir photographer that you like, be sure to check out reviews on Google, Yelp, or even their Facebook page for reviews. Most photographers will have testimonials on their website, but it is a good idea to look elsewhere. Take the time to read through several of them to get an idea on what to expect working with the particular photographer.

Before you book:

Before you book with a boudoir photographer, I recommend making sure you will be comfortable working with them. Set up a phone call or meet them at their studio so that you can make your final decision. Communicate with your photographer on how comfortable you are during your session. Many of my clients pose nude and many do not. I do not pressure any of my clients to pose nude and leave it completely up to them on how risque they want to go. It is just important to know so that you know what to plan for.

You will also want to find a boudoir photographer that is good with communication for all of your questions and responds in a timely manner. I have had so many clients tell me that I am one of the first to respond or even at all. Most of my clients have never had a boudoir session before and I like to answer any questions that they might have and provide information about their boudoir shoot that they may not have thought of. This will make you know that you can count on your photographer on making the whole experience perfect.

Ask your photographer how long it will take to get your photos back (especially if you are on a deadline if it is a gift). Ask the photographer how long the shoot will take and then the process of reviewing / purchasing your photos and then the timeline of receiving the photos.

As if the studio space is included. Some photographers have to rent a hotel room and pass the charge onto their client. Ask if hair and makeup are included. Sometimes it is included and sometimes it is not. Ask your photographer how many outfit changes are allowed.

Ask your boudoir photographer who will be at your shoot. I have a female assistant to help with wardrobe i.e. buttoning, zipping, etc. and to help with the overall shoot. You are also welcome to bring a friend for support. We only ask that there are no “foxes in the hen house”

Ask your photographer if the session fee includes the images or if they are purchased separately.  Many photographers do not include the photos in their session fee and have it as a retainer to hold the date in their studio. My session fee includes: Retainer to hold the date and time, wardrobe planning, full direction and posing, outfit changes during the shoot, in studio image reveal and ordering session. My images and albums are purchased separately.

Ask your photographer if your images will be used on the internet or in studio samples. All of my clients images get used without permission as I respect the privacy of all clients. Privacy is very important to me. If you decide that you do not want them to be shared, it is completely fine. If you decide that it is okay, we would love to share so that other woman can get an idea on what the experience looks like.

I hope this helps in making your decision on your boudoir photography and I hope that person may be me. Should you have any questions about your boudoir session, please do not hesitate to give us a call 727-851-9965