Heather + Olon Engagement Session Ybor City Tampa, Florida

We had such a great time photographing this lovely couple a few weeks ago!   This engagement session was fun, simple and full of life and emotion and the images really show how much they truly love one another.

They both went to high school together, but were not friends. It wasn’t until almost ten years after high school that they reconnected over Facebook and began dating for two years.  Olon was overwhelmed with Heathers quick wit and good looks and absolutely had to ask her hand in marriage.  Olon proposed in Denver, Colorado. They hiked to the top of Devils Head recreation trail. He made a separate basket with treats in it and a letter that led up to his proposal.

They really want a fun and intimate wedding ceremony where we can truly celebrate with their friends and family at the Palafox Wharf, Pensacola, FL

Colors: deep purple and lime green.

Theme: timeless. Southern.
Food: good ole’ southern bar-b-que
Honeymoon: first, Key West, then early next year for our real honeymoon, we are going on a European cruise!

I enjoyed working with Jonathan because:
He has a great photograph eye and sees great locations to take photos as well as the best angles, lighting, etc. He really made it easy and comfortable by giving us an idea of what to wear and bring with us to the shoot.

What was your favorite aspect of your whole experience?
It was a fun experience and didn’t feel awkward as photo sessions can sometimes feel

How would you describe Jonathan’s customer service?
Excellent! He walked us through the whole process. From the shoot to selecting the best photos from the many taken during the session.

I would recommend Jonathan to my friends because
He was very professional all the way through—from how he interacted to the quality of the photographs he took.