Clearwater Business Headshots :: Benefits of Picking Your Background After The Photoshoot

For many business professionals in Clearwater, a great headshot is a necessity. We work with many businesses who are not sure what they want as their background for their corporate headshot. We have the ability to remove and replace almost any background after the portrait session.

The main reasons why background extraction can be beneficial is:

  1. Consistency – If you have multiple locations and several employees, it can be challenging to make all headshots consistent between all offices. By photographing the employee on a green screen, it gives the flexibility to replace the background digitally to give all company employee headshots the consistency that it needs.
  2. Flexibility – The ability to remove the background and replace it with something different such as a background that matches the businesses marketing colors, it allows the web designer and graphic designers the ability to keep your branding consistent. We can also create a group photo by photographing each employee individually and then merging them into one photograph. This allows the flexibility to add or remove employees without having to redo a group photo.
  3. Versatility – Another benefit of changing the background after the photoshoot is that you can have different backgrounds for different platforms such as: LinkedIn, website, brochure, presentation slides, etc.

You have many options when we create your new business headshot and we are happy to discuss your needs so that you make the right decision for your business headshot.

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