Clearwater Boudoir Photoshoot :: Ms H

We recently had the pleasure of doing a boudoir photoshoot here at our studio for Ms. H. She wanted to do a shoot for herself and loved our black and white boudoir photographs.  Below are a few photographs from her boudoir session and a Q&A about her experience working with us:


Why did you decide to do a boudoir session? I decided to do a boudoir sessions because it looked like so much fun and all the photos looked very elegant.

I enjoyed working with Jonathan because: Jonathan made me feel at ease and right at home. He started a conversation and put me first and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole session.

What was your favorite aspect of your whole experience? Feeling comfortable with who I was working with and what I was doing it made everything at ease and fun.

What were your thoughts when you saw your images for the first time? I was amazed about how they turned out!


How would you describe Jonathan’s customer service? He always puts the customer first and has such a kind heart. He offers them water before and during the session and tries to make you feel at ease as it is an everyday thing you do. I am planning on working with him again and would recommend him to anyone.


What would you tell someone who has never done a boudoir session? Every woman should experience a boudoir photoshoot from Jonathan Fanning! You may start out a little nervous (I did), but Jonathan does a great job at calming your nerves and before you know it you’re having so much fun!

Clearwater-fl-boudoir-photoshoot--3 Clearwater-fl-boudoir-photoshoot--5 Clearwater-fl-boudoir-photoshoot--6