Tips On Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer

You only have one chance to get the pictures right.  Rather than hoping that Uncle Bob remembers how to operate a camera from his college photography class, budget in a professional photographer to insure everything will go smoothly.  Here are some tips for choosing a photographer who’s right for you:

Ask around for recommendations.

As with many things in life, hearing good things about a photographer from people you know and trust can be a much more reliable indicator than a fancy Website or brochure.

Find someone who specializes in weddings.

This will assure that he or she is ready for all expected and unexpected events that happen in the process of tying the knot.

Be able to verbalize your personal taste.

Knowing and being able to say what you like and don’t like will assure your personal tastes are reflected in the style and quality of photography that you want. Tear out images from magazines or borrow wedding albums from friends to showcase what you like and, just as importantly, what you don’t like.

Go with your gut.

The photographer you want to go with is the one with whom you share a connection.  This will lead to a level of comfort and confidence that you want conveyed in every shot.

Perform a background check.

Ask every question that comes to mind such as do they rent or own good quality equipment. Do they have insurance?  Are they experienced? Do they back up their files?

Your budget.

Having a budget set is very important.  The cost of a average wedding today rings in at about $27,000 Usually close to or more than 50 percent of the wedding budget is allotted to the wedding reception.  The rest of the breakdown looks generally like this:

  • Photography                      10%
  • Music                                    10%
  • Stationery                           4%
  • Flowers                                10%
  • Wedding Attire                 10%
  • Additional Expenses       6%