Clearwater Florida Boudoir Photography Case Study: Mrs. E

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?

I decided to do the photo shoot to have some sexy and fun photos to give to my husband as a surprise the morning of our wedding. I wanted to give him something that would sincerely last a lifetime. I knew the boudoir session was something he would really love and appreciate. What man wouldn’t?

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I enjoyed working with Jonathan & his assistant because:

For so many reasons. Having a male and female team not only makes it really comfortable, but you’re getting two valuable perspectives. A woman can relate with how another woman wants to look and a man can understand what another man finds sexy or intriguing. Plus, I felt like a real professional model the entire time! It was so cool to have his assistant arranging my hair properly and instructing me how to place my hands, and, Jonathan searching for the best light and angles to capture my features in a way that was appealing.


Describe husbands reaction to his new boudoir album?

Surprise and delight! My husband has always loved pin-up photos and boudoir imagery and I don’t think he ever considered that I would do a sexy photo session for him. He said that his initial thought was “Damn…that’s my wife!”.  He said it made him feel really special to think of me arranging for this amazing experience for him to revel in.

What was your favorite aspect of your whole boudoir experience?

I did this for my husband to enjoy but what I really discovered is that it was a fun and liberating experience. I don’t think you need to be married or in a relationship at all to feel this incredible sense of confidence as you’re having your picture taken. I felt like I was a rock star. I felt so glamorous being all done up in full make-up and donning these sexy outfits for, in essence, a tribute to me and my body!


How would you describe Jonathan’s customer service?

I don’t say this lightly. I called and spoke with several other photographers and decided on Jonathan for the following reasons:

  • He was so professional from the start. He responded to my inquiry within moments of me writing.
  • He really cared to get to know about my reason for wanting to do the session. He asked tons of questions about how Darrin and I met, how we got engaged, about our wedding. Like he really wanted to capture what my husband would like.
  • He doesn’t use or need Groupon. Discount photographers offer discount services. I wanted a first-rate, not second class, experience.
  • I never, ever- not once- felt like I had to do something I didn’t want to do. I felt respected and the whole session was really normal.
  • I also never felt that I didn’t know what was happening. Jonathan explained all the steps the whole way through and there were no surprises.
  • Most important, he was not a creep. I think a lot of women feel awkward to call a man to come take photos of you in your lingerie. But, Jonathan is really kind and caring. Plus, he is a soon-to-be-married man and I never, ever felt like I was “checked out”. I can say with certainty that other male photographers I called did not have discretion and there is no way I could have felt comfortable with them.


 I would recommend Jonathan to my friends because:

He is the best! Seriously, at the end of the day, you want your images to be you- but taken up a notch. And this is what Jonathan does best. I felt like I looked like a million dollars but there is no image that isn’t “real”. That’s why he is incredible. He can airbrush the things that take away from the impact of the photo but leave “you”—who you are and your personality. How often do you meet a photographer that can get to know you in a matter of minutes? It’s a rare gift. And my photos look like me- but elevated. You can’t learn that skill in photography school, you just have to be born and blessed with it.


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