Tell us your story on why you decided to get your photograph restored:

I wanted something unique for my brother & sister-in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary.  back then, (1963),  color photography wasn’t widely available and when it was it was a pricey add-on for a wedding.  so i had one of their black/white photos colorized…to create that ‘something special’ keepsake.

What is the story behind the photograph you had restored:

The photo is of the bride & groom looking out the rolled- down side window (back seat) of their car.  There had been about 8 inches of snow the night before, and was still snowing during the ceremony the next morning, at 11 am. ( in those days, weddings were early and receptions didn’t start till around dinner time. ) Anyway, the snow is visible in the frame because of the configuration of the car, underscoring the seasonality.  it was a pretty wedding, cranberry bridesmaids dresses, black tuxes, white bridal gown, and a blanket of snow for a backdrop….

I enjoyed working with Jonathan because:
He ‘got’ what I wanted right away! And I found him extremely easy to work with and received timely service from a very knowledgeable photographer.

What was your first thought when you first saw your restored photograph:
I said to myself, ‘ dang, Jonathan, you really nailed it! He got the coloration of their faces perfectly!  A very tricky thing to do, I’m told. Totally happy with his work. don’t let his youthful appearance fool you…he know his stuff !