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How To Find The Perfect Boudoir Photographer

Tampa Boudoir Photography :: Tips On How To Find The Perfect Boudoir Photographer   Finding the perfect boudoir photographer that is right for you is key to having the perfect experience.  I have put together some tips on things to do when researching the best boudoir photographer for you: Portfolio: Look for a photographer whose body of work is appealing to you and then look at their portfolio. It is also helpful to ask to see a full boudoir session to get a feel for how an entire session will look like. You can review these photos by scheduling a meeting with your photographer to see sample albums or an online gallery. Be sure to check out our boudoir portfolio. Check out reviews: Once you find a boudoir photographer that you like, be sure to check out reviews on Google, Yelp, or even their Facebook page for reviews. Most photographers will have testimonials on their website, but it is a good idea to look elsewhere. Take the time to read through several of them t[...]

Tampa Boudoir Photographer :: Vintage Boudoir Session at Don Vicente Inn

We had such a wonderful time photographing Mrs E and creating beautiful images to give to her husband on her wedding day! Below are a few images from her session and some kind words from Mrs E about her boudoir experience. :) Why did you decide to do a boudoir session? I decided to do the photo shoot to have some sexy and fun photos to give to my husband as a surprise the morning of our wedding. I wanted to give him something that would sincerely last a lifetime. I knew the boudoir session was something he would really love and appreciate. What man wouldn't?   I enjoyed working with Jonathan & Jenn because: For so many reasons. Having a male and female team not only makes it really comfortable, but you’re getting two valuable perspectives. A woman can relate with how another woman wants to look and a man can understand what another man finds sexy or intriguing. Plus, I felt like a real professional model the entire time! It was so cool to have Jenn arranging my [...]