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Tampa Event Photographer :: Steve Forbes & Professor John Prevas

Being a professional photographer certainly has given me some wonderful opportunities and have met some amazing people along the way. Last week I had the pleasure of photographing an event at the InterContinental Tampa that the Rotary Club of Clearwater Beach put on benefiting Heartbeat International. It was an evening with Steve Forbes & Professor John Prevas. Based on their New York Times bestselling book Power Ambition Glory the authors discussed how lessons on leadership from the ancient world have relevance today. John Prevas discussed fascinating leaders from Persia, Greece, Carthage and Rome, outlining their strengths and also the flaws in their character which led to their inevitable demise. Steve Forbes elaborated upon the lessons learned from those figures drawing parallels to modern leaders in today’s corporate and political worlds with a Q&A that followed. Below are a few images from this wonderful event.