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Tampa Photographer :: Beards of Tampa Bay :: Zak Kuhn

   Name Zak Kuhn Where are you from? Safety Harbor, Fl  Occupation? Account Services Manager at The P3 Agency  How long have you been growing your beard? 6 years  What started you on this path? A few years back I had an uncle that always wore a very large handlebar style mustache who passed away, I have been growing my mustache since to show my respects and remembrance.  End goal for your beard? End goal? There is no end goal in the art of manliness.  What is the funniest experience or comment that has happened to you because of your beard? There are too many to count… a lot of interesting things happen when you have a mustache like this on your face.

Tampa Photographer :: Beards of Tampa Bay :: Ian Welsh

  Name Ian Welsh Where are you from? Largo, FL Occupation Illustrator When did you start growing your beard? I hit puberty pretty quickly, so I've had one for 12 years. What started you on this path? I've always been into the Civil War, and loved the facial hair of the soldiers. So I went to a reenactment when I was young and decided when I could I wanted to grow a beard like Gen. James Longstreet. So that's he was my inspiration. What is your end goal for your beard? My end goal..hmm...I don't really have one. Just want to have a awesome beard, haha. What is the funniest experience or comment that has happened to you because of your beard? I've had a few. Some people mistake me for someone else, getting it stuck in a car door, even had someone give me a discount on a gift that I bought for my girlfriend cause of it. There are a lot, I can't pick just one, haha.

Nicole's Amazing Story & Her New Headshots - Tampa Headshots

I was so happy to help this wonderful young woman on the road to her dream by being the photographer for her headshot. Nicole has an amazing story. She is seventeen and an aspiring opera singer. “I have a passion for singing,” she said. “I have been singing since the age of six and performing for a long time. There is nothing more I love to do than sing. I have made the decision to pursue classical singing and therefore I have decided to apply to conservatories for college, majoring in vocal performance. Apart from applying to conservatories I am a member of young artists’ programs and youth opera companies. These programs are for aspiring young opera singers who are constantly auditioning for roles and competitions.” And competition is fierce. Though she’s been singing and performing for years she still has a long way to go. But, like anything that matters, it’s worth the fight.