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Tampa Boudoir Photographer | Mrs. T Boudoir Testimonial & Sneak Peeks

I had such a great time photographing Mrs. T and creating beautiful boudoir images for her and her boyfriend. Below are a few of her images and some words she had to say about her boudoir portrait session experience. What made you decide to do a boudoir session? Started out as a birthday gift for my long-distance sweetie, but it became more than that.  I'm a bit passed my prime (had similar shots done in my 20's which were great) but realized I wanted to capture myself at this stage of life (early 50's).  The session really helped me feel vital and sexy and know that there is still so much ahead and beauty is not just for the young.   I enjoyed working with Jonathan because:  I selected Jonathan because of the artistry of his work.  I looked around at a number of photographers before selecting him.  When I met him he was so easy to relate to, he listened to what I was looking for, understood my concerns, and explained his process fully.  He and Jenn made me so comfortab[...]