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Portfolio item 6

You know Marty, I'm gonna be very sad to see you go. You've really mad a difference in my life, you've given me something to shoot for. Just knowing, that I'm gonna be around to se 1985, that I'm gonna succeed in this. That I'm gonna have a chance to travel through time. It's going to be really hard waiting 30 years before I could talk to you about everything that's happened in the past few days. I'm really gonna miss you, Marty. That's Calvin Klein, oh my god, he's a dream. Oh, great scott. You get the cable, I'll throw the rope down to you. Okay. Why am I always the last one to know about these things. The future, it's where you're going? Get out of town, I didn't know you did anything creative. Ah, let me read some. Pretty Mediocre photographic fakery, they cut off your brother's hair. You heard her she said get your meat hooks, off, uh please. Jennifer, oh are you a sight for sore eyes. Let me look at you. Where? Dammit, Doc, why did you have to tear up that letter? If only I h[...]

Portfolio item 5

Of course, from a group of Libyan Nationalists. They wanted me to build them a bomb, so I took their plutonium and in turn gave them a shiny bomb case full of used pinball machine parts. Whoa, whoa, kid, kid, stop, stop, stop, stop. Marty, don't be such a square. Everybody who's anybody drinks. George: you ever think of running for class president? I don't wanna see you in here again. It's already mutated into human form, shoot it. I'm, I'm sorry, Mr. McFly, I mean, I was just starting on the second coat. Sam, here's the young man you hit with your car out there. He's alright, thank god. What you got under here? Quiet. His head's gone, it's like it's been erased. he's an idiot, comes from upbringing, parents were probably idiots too. Lorraine, if you ever have a kid like that, I'll disown you. Doc, you gotta help me. you were the only one who knows how your time machine works. 1955? You're my ma- you're my ma. Uh, you mean nobody's asked you? Yes, yes, I'm George, George McFly, an[...]