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St. Petersburg Professional Wedding Photography Because your wedding is so important… do not make the mistake of choosing a photographer just because of the Internet site and the lowest prices. You wouldn't shop for your reception hall without visiting it and meeting the manager, or order food without having a reference as to it's quality. The same goes for the person who will accompany you during the most important day of your life. You want to know that this person will not only create beautiful images but you want to feel that they understand exactly what you want and that you feel very comfortable with them. This is a decision that is a very emotional one, these images will relate and recall very special moments of this day; you want to be sure of making the right choice. You are investing a lot of time, energy and money in making this event, a memorable one. Take the time to look at your best value options. You know deep down, it's not only a matter of getting the cheapest but[...]