“My wife and I were preparing to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We had originally planned to invite our daughters and their families to join us here in Florida for that celebration, but like so many other plans disrupted by Covid-19, that could’t happen. So I began to think of other ways we could share this event with them.

We had a few snapshots of our wedding, and I remembered that we still had our wedding clothes. They had been with us all over the country for 50 years! Would they still fit us? (they did!) Could we take up-dated pictures in those clothes?

I found Jonathan via a Google search, and was impressed by how long he has been in business, and the fact that he had his own studio. I made an appointment for my wife and I to meet Jonathan to discuss my idea. We found out that he could digitize the old photos, and could take new photos with us wearing those wedding clothes. He showed us how he could create an album of photos to mark the occasion. Talk about “one of a kind!”

We were in! On the date of the photo shoot I think our excitement rubbed off on Jonathan, and we had a fun time posing, laughing and creating together.
The finished album product is marvelous, one copy for us and one each for our three daughters and their families. They should receive them by the end of this week, and we’ll be waiting for the phone calls!

We could not have accomplished this with out Jonathan’s technical skill, his imagination and his willingness to play along with our ideas.
Yay Jonathan!”

Bob S.