Tampa Photographer :: Beards of Tampa Bay :: Ian Welsh


Ian Welsh

Where are you from?

Largo, FL



When did you start growing your beard?

I hit puberty pretty quickly, so I’ve had one for 12 years.

What started you on this path?

I’ve always been into the Civil War, and loved the facial hair of the soldiers. So I went to a reenactment when I was young and decided when I could I wanted to grow a beard like Gen. James Longstreet. So that’s he was my inspiration.

What is your end goal for your beard?

My end goal..hmm…I don’t really have one. Just want to have a awesome beard, haha.

What is the funniest experience or comment that has happened to you because of your beard?

I’ve had a few. Some people mistake me for someone else, getting it stuck in a car door, even had someone give me a discount on a gift that I bought for my girlfriend cause of it. There are a lot, I can’t pick just one, haha.