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Adam Quinn

Where are you from?

Clearwater, Florida


Information Architect / Bagpiper

How long have you been growing your beard?

I grew my first beard in 1998 living in Northwest Washington state, since then I’ve pretty much always had some sort of facial hair. I’ve had may current beard for about 2 years but started letting it grow longer about 6 months ago.

What started you on this path?

I took part in an experimental survey by Freakanomics with a virtual coin toss whether to shave my beard at the time, or continue to grow it. The flip was to grow it, so since then I haven’t shaved.

This wool hat was also a factor – I got it about 6 months ago at the Pleasanton Highland Games in California where I was competing with the City of Dunedin Pipe Band. Once I started wearing it around the games the comments were basically “…you’re going to need a bigger beard”, so that was a little extra incentive to keep it going.

End goal for your beard?

According to my kids, to get it long enough to be able to braid it.

What is the funniest experience or comment that has happened to you because of your beard?

My friend’s new kitten was fascinated with my beard and wouldn’t stop trying to prod and eat it, clawing away at my face.