Tampa Engagement Photography :: Tyler & Mark

What do you get when you combine a stunning couple and beautiful golden light? A recipe for awesomeness! I recently had the pleasure of creating some engagement photos of Tyler and Mark in Tampa the other day and am pretty excited to share a few of their images from the session. Enjoy! 🙂


How did the two of you meet?

Mark and I met in high school in a super small town in Wisconsin. I’m talking 2000 people or less. This is the same high school where my parents met and the town in which they got married.


How long have you two been together?
We have been together five years.  Our wedding will actually happen a few days after hitting six years together.

tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0091 tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0045 tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0039

How did he propose?

Mark went out and got the ring while I was out of town for a week. The jeweler sent it to be resized and once he got it back, he couldn’t even make it 24 hours before giving it to me. The next morning, he tied the ring around our dogs neck and sent her in to wake me up. She must have known something was going on because she jumped right on my face.

tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0028 tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0015 tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0002

Describe the wedding day (colors, theme, location, etc)
We are having the wedding on the beach and the reception on the rooftop of The Hotel Zamora. The entire wedding will be romantic and intimate with classic colors and great lighting.

tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0116 tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0112
Any tips that you would give other couples planning their wedding?

I am still quite a few months out, but I am feeling very happy with the choices I have made so far. The one thing I do recommend is to hire people you trust and get a good “gut feeling” from. Each vendor I hired had me confident that they would get everything exactly right. I also love that many of the vendors intend to work together to make sure the wedding turns out how I dreamed it would.

tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0205 tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0193 tampa-engagement-photography-ybor-engagement-0188

Why did you choose Jonathan Fanning as your wedding photographer?
I had searched for photographers online and had seen some recommendations, but I didn’t really have a great feeling about anyone. I felt unsure until I found Jonathan’s website. One of the first things I was attracted to was the section (what to ask your photographer) detailing all the concerns I had. I really got the feeling that this was something he was entirely dedicated to.

What was your reaction when you first saw your engagement photos?

I was above and beyond nervous to see the engagement photos. However, when I saw them I was amazed at how great they turned out. Jonathan worked some magic with the lighting in every photo and made each look unique. I also loved that the pictures truly showed how much we love each other. Seeing the way Mark looked at me in the pictures was something I wasn’t prepared to see. It really reminded me of the whole reason we are doing this and how lucky I am to have him.