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Saint Petersburg Florida Headshot Photographer | Econologics Results-Based Financial Planning Team | Jonathan Fanning

It was such a pleasure working with these incredible individuals. They were so much fun to work with and am excited to share a few of their images from their session. Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do for a living. (please include a link to your website and any other contact info that you wish to share) We are a financial advisory and financial education company evolutionizing financial planning through the research and development of a new subject called “Econologics® Results-Based Financial Planning®” primarily working with private practice healthcare professionals nationwide. For more information, please visit www.econologics.com & www.privatepracticemillionaire.com Why did you need a new business portrait? Our company has been expanding due to our growing popularity and national attention.  We have a need to update all of our marketing real estate on the internet and materials. Why did you choose Jonathan as your photographer? [...]

Shawn Yesners New Business Portrait

The past week I had the pleasure of photographing Shawn Yesner in creating his new business portrait. Below is a few words about Shawn and what he had to say about his experience.

Susan's New Business Headshot

I had such a wonderful time creating Susans new business headshot the other day! Susan is a past client and I was thrilled when she contacted me to work with her again. Below is a little blurb about Susans business. Just for Dads is a service business focusing on bringing newly divorced fathers back to their "Sweet Spot" in life. Divorce can be very destabilizing to a man. He may have custody on a week on/week off schedule leading to a mountain of brand new responsibilities ranging from homework to dinner to re-organizing a home to functioning as a family in the absence of a mother. Men who were married for a longer period of time may not have the confidence to get back out there and date. He may need a coach to update a style, revamp a look, or even write an internet profile for dating. We help men flourish in the aftermath of divorce. We offer a hands-on approach to help with the transition from Husband to Dad. Together we will build a plan for your new life. Dads just need a[...]

Nicole's Amazing Story & Her New Headshots - Tampa Headshots

I was so happy to help this wonderful young woman on the road to her dream by being the photographer for her headshot. Nicole has an amazing story. She is seventeen and an aspiring opera singer. “I have a passion for singing,” she said. “I have been singing since the age of six and performing for a long time. There is nothing more I love to do than sing. I have made the decision to pursue classical singing and therefore I have decided to apply to conservatories for college, majoring in vocal performance. Apart from applying to conservatories I am a member of young artists’ programs and youth opera companies. These programs are for aspiring young opera singers who are constantly auditioning for roles and competitions.” And competition is fierce. Though she’s been singing and performing for years she still has a long way to go. But, like anything that matters, it’s worth the fight.

Tampa Headshot Photographer - Gary " Create Happiness with Color " Myers New Business Portrait Headshot

We had a great time creating a new business portrait of Gary this past Thursday! Gary is a painting contractor, I " Create Happiness with Color ". His customers enjoy the way I use color with their existing decor. One of his favorite phrases is "Go Bold or go Home", I realize there is a place & time for all colors . Over the last 35 years he has painted many interiors & exteriors . You can reach him through his website, garysroofandhousepainting.com