Is your man difficult to shop for? Why not give him a unique gift that he will love and cherish for the rest of his life?

When was the last time you had a portrait of the two of you together? Valentines Day is the perfect day to give the one you love either a sexy album of yourself or portraits of the two of you either on location or in studio. With Valentines Day is just around the corner it is also the time to SAVE

From now through February 29th if you book either a boudoir session or couples portrait session you SAVE


5 reasons why you should have a boudoir session.

5. To give an amazing gift.

I cannot think of a better gift to give to him than yourself. Show me one man who was not absolutely gaga over boudoir photos of his special lady, and I’ll show you the apocalypse. Men are visual creatures; they connect and internalize images. We may roll our eyes when we see a man recognize a beautiful woman, but it’s how they were wired. When we give images of ourselves, we say, “I respect and love you. I know this is one mode of communication that you appreciate.”


4. To have an excuse to do some retail therapy.

Going shopping for accessories and lingerie is just plain fun! Okay, so it may cause anxiety for some  because there are so many choices and ideas. However, putting together an outfit that would never see the public eye is rather alluring and exciting. When else would you get to justify chunky, multi-strands of pearls and cream-colored heels?


3. To celebrate a milestone.

There is no better way to celebrate a weight loss goal than to rock what the Good Lord gave you! You worked hard to get where you are, and it’s time to celebrate. Whether it was weight loss, a promotion at work, or even just graduating college with three kids in tow, life is one big celebration. We have to take a moment for ourselves and throw some confetti.


2. To get in touch with your inner Glam-azon.

Let’s be real. A very large percentage of us probably do not get glammed up every day. I know I don’t. I’ll be lucky if I put on some concealer to hide the puffy bags under my “only six hours of sleep” eyes! Boudoir is a time to let your hair down (literally) and indulge in a little bit of pampering. Most photographers have a hair stylist and/or makeup artist connection for their boudoir clients… so live up the glamour, glitz, and sparkle! Because tomorrow, you’ll be back to your inner moral dilemma of “If I put my mascara on, will I have time to eat breakfast?”


1. To know you are worth it.

Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin. We are subjected to and inundated with images of aesthetic perfection every day in the media. We compare ourselves constantly to unattainable standards. And we let ourselves, even if for a millisecond, believe lies about our bodies. We were created as crowning jewels; we are beauty personified. Sometimes we don’t even know it until we allow ourselves to be placed in a spot of vulnerability. Boudoir is the spot. Boudoir photography allows you to truly rediscover what real beauty is—your beauty.


10 Ways to Prepare for your Boudoir Shoot

Let’s face it, most people do not enjoy having their photos taken. So you can only imagine how that discomfort must increase ten-fold when they decide to do a boudoir shoot. In their underwear.

Never fear, I am here to give you a few simple tips on preparing for your boudoir shoot. And they do not include starving yourself or working out like a mad woman. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, curvy looks best in this type of photography (and in real life in my opinion!)

1. Do not apply fake tanner. I know this is hard, especially if you are totally white like I am. But really, the camera is only going to enhance that un-natural orange glow you have and you will end up looking weird.

2. Do apply lotion. LOTS of lotion, or oil. By keeping your skin super moisturized, you will create a natural looking glow that will come across in your photos as ethereal and heavenly.

3. Wear false eyelashes. I really can’t stress this one enough.  They make look somewhat fake in real life and you may feel weird wearing them. However, in the photos they make a HUGE difference. You actually don’t really notice them in the pictures, but you will notice their effect. They accentuate your eyes and give them a gorgeous almond shape. These are a must-have!


4. Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie. You will probably never do anything like this again (although some people make it a yearly practice!) so really make an event out of it. Treat yourself to some beautiful lingerie. Not only will this make your photos more interesting, it will boost your confidence, making you look your best. Be sure to try the lingerie on befrehand, and maybe bring a friend with you to the dressing room that will be totally honest. Something may look gorgeous on the hanger, but not be the most flattering for your body. The opposite is also true. Something may not look like much on the hanger, but if it plays up your body’s best features, it will look stunning. Choose a lingerie store where you will receive personal attention and helpful advice from experts, such as Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie in Engelwood. Their staff is top notch when it comes to customer service, helping you choose the right look for you and proper fit.

5.  If you’re worried about your mid-section, watch what you eat and drink. Now, I certainly don’t mean go on a diet for your shoot! However, there are certain foods and drinks that can cause bloating so try to avoid those for a day or two before your shoot. But please, eat!

6. Get a manicure and pedicure, or at least do one yourself. People tend to forget about their nails, but they do show up in a majority of your photos. Chipped nail polish is not pretty. Also, try to choose a neutral nail color so they don’t distract from your gorgeous face.

7. Look at this as a once-in-a-lifetime investment. As I said, most of you will never do anything like this again so the photos you receive from it will be a keepsake that should last forever. How fun will it be to show your granddaughter (when she’s older of course!) how beautiful you looked and what a nice gift you gave to your husband!

8.  Don’t be nervous. I promise you, you will look FABULOUS. Your insecurities will melt as you get in front of the camera. This is your time to feel sexy so you need to relax and have fun! Nervousness and lack of self-confidence will show up on your photos. Just remind yourself that no matter how you THINK you look, you will look amazing in the end. We will highlight your favorite body parts and downplay your least favorite ones.!

9. Do this for yourself. No matter who you are doing this boudoir shoot for, deep down it is really for YOU. The end result (photographs) may be going to someone else, but the experience itself is ALL yours. It is just me and you in the room during the shoot and I want you to be comfortable, have fun and WORK IT!

10. Do push yourself to go a little bit outside of your comfort zone during the shoot.Some girls think they will stay totally covered up during the entire shoot. Of course, you can if you want. But many girls, once they are in the swing of it and having fun, decide to get a little risqué. I am not talking about totally nude or anything, but maybe a hint of nudity. I am all about making your photos tasteful and classy, but also creating something that you (and your husband) will LOVE. Some of the best shots come when you let down your guard a little. And remember, I NEVER post your photos without your permission.

I hope that helps you get a better idea of how to prepare yourself for your boudoir shoot. I’ve never met a lady who said, “Gee, I wish I didn’t get gorgeous, sexy photos of myself taken!” So treat yourself to a confidence boosting shoot today that you will cherish for the rest of your life!