Saint Petersburg Photographer :: Beards of Tampa Bay :: Corey Plummer

I am always challenging myself with different personal projects and one project that I have been working on is Beards of Tampa Bay.  Thank you Corey for being apart of this project. Below are a few of my favorites from this shoot along with links to more awesome beards… Enjoy!









If you or someone you know has an EPIC beard and would love to be apart of this project, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Corey Plummer

Where are you from?

Winchester, Virginia


Co-Founder of The Hip Lion, Coffee Co
How long have you been growing your beard? 
This beard has been since July 7th, 2015
What started you on this path?
Well many reasons. One used to be an insecure thing, tbh. I didn’t like the way I looked. There is also much of Virginia that is still apart of me. So being from near the Mountains, it only made sense. But now it’s become something that I identify with. Kind of like its own persona. At my core, im an Introvert and have a hard time initiating small conversations. The beard helps. 
What is your end goal for your beard? 
I don’t ever want to shave it off. Maybe I’ll adopt of small family of critters and let them rest inside. Or maybe I’ll become a beard model. Or maybe ill start a business where I auction off my beard for women to touch. Hmm so many possibilities. Most of all, I am waiting for the day my daughters grip becomes so great that she is able to just hang on and swing from my beard. 
What is the funniest experience or comment that has happened to you because of your beard? 
Nothing really too crazy. Sometimes, I’ll have women just randomly touch my beard, as if that were a socially acceptable thing to do! 
Any other funny or good stories from having a beard? 
It is nearly impossible to eat. 90% of my food makes it’s way into the fibers of my beard. So when I am in public and I am trying to eat, I can imagine that people  look at the food being collected into the beard. Or maybe that are actually jealous that I have a face guard and they don’t.