Saint Petersburg Headshot Photography :: Shelly & Coral

I recently had the pleasure of creating new headshots for the President and Vice President / founders of Empowered to Change.

Empowered to Change Inc. is the vision of Co-Founders Coral Nichols and Michele Snyder. Coral Nichols has worked with pre-trial intervention individuals who are dealing with addiction and have come into the court system as a result of compliance issues. She and Co-Founder Michele “Shelly” Snyder have a passion for women’s issues and began their journey with women in mind, however throughout their journey they have seen that the need for a safe place to work out issues is not limited to women, but men as well who are in need of guidance and a safe secure environment while working toward sobriety.

Then there is the additional fallout from addiction to consider, which is homelessness and human trafficking, both have been on the rise exponentially these past years. Addiction is not limited to those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography, but its effects are felt by the family members who are dealing with the question they face daily, “where is the line between help and enabling”. When all these factors were taken into consideration, it was clear that Empowered to Change’s vision needed to be broadened to embrace each of these issues as a whole.

Addiction is like a city bus; it picks up people along the way and drops them off. Some people are angry and hate the fact that they are forced to take city transportation, but because of circumstances have no choice. Some are just numb to the ride. They get on and off but have no desire to change their circumstances. Some are grateful they no longer have to walk and are working toward owning their own transportation.

Empowered to Change wants to give hope and walk beside individuals who are working towards ownership. Through our 4-phase program, a safe secure place to live and supervision, we empower people to find themselves again, to regain a spirit of hope and self-worth. They reclaim ownership of their lives and recognize their achievements and hard work.

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