Tampa Boudoir Photography Case Study: Mrs T’s Boudoir Session

Here is another perfect example of why I love doing what I do. Mrs. T called us a few days ago to schedule a boudoir shoot at her lovely home. She’s a beautiful woman, very earthy and at home with nature, laid-back and fun-loving. We could tell, though, that this was something outside of her comfort zone.

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“I wanted to have a boudoir session done to celebrate me at 40, to do something completely outside of my box, to see myself as beautiful, desirable, to increase love for myself,” she said.

Boudoir sessions are like portraits, they aren’t simply naked pictures, erotica, they are meant to be a reflection of the person, or persons, being shot. Mrs. T is definitely a woman in touch with nature and so all of the shots were done outside at her home. The outfits and poses we chose all reflected, too, the free and natural spirit she embodies. In all of her photographs I wanted to have her true self revealed.

In order to do this, I rely heavily on my female assistant, for her support and her ability to help put my clients at ease so that their real light can shine through. “They completely put me at ease in this uncomfortable situation,” said Mrs. T, laughing. And it shows when she smiles. Helping my clients find that confidence is why I do what I do.

Mrs. T, like most of my clients, scheduled her boudoir session with the goal in mind of presenting her husband with a Little Black Book. When she gave it to him, the reaction was what we like to hear: “He LOVED it!”

Mrs. T said, “It’s more than just me naked, he knows how difficult this was for me and what that means.”

It takes courage and confidence to do this. For some it may come easily, but for most others the idea of “getting naked in a forest”, as one of our previous clients put it, is strange and embarrassing. Yet, for those that we can help overcome that embarrassment, the rewards are amazing. “Doing this is really one of the most unselfish things I could do for myself and my husband.”


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