Tampa Boudoir Photographer :: Mrs. S Testimonial: The Perfect Gift For The Man Who Has Everything

The holiday season is once again upon us and the question of what to get our significant others is foremost in many of our minds. It’s not that we don’t know our significant others. It’s not that we don’t know what they want for Christmas – or Hanukkah or their birthday or anniversary or any other gift giving occasion – it’s just that we can never really find that one special thing. It can be downright agonizing to come up with something different and unique for that special someone in your life.

Mrs. S had the same problem choosing the perfect wedding day gift. “My husband has the means to buy whatever he wants and I wanted him to give him something truly from the heart,” she said. So, what could she get this wonderful man that he couldn’t get himself? This man who, to propose to her, flew in her best friend and popped the question in front of all of her closest friends?

She came to us for a boudoir session – the perfect gift for a man who makes her feel so special and so beautiful. As is usually the case, I’ve noticed with boudoir sessions, it starts out as an excuse to give the perfect gift to one’s lover and transforms into a perfect gift for the giver. Doug gave Mrs. S the confidence in her beauty to pose for him. All we did was made her feel comfortable in order to make the pictures really express herself. “If it wasn’t for him, I would have never thought I was beautiful enough to have pictures like that done for any man.” After the session, though, the best present was his reaction to it. “Doug loved the album, it took his breath away,” she said. “It’s kind of funny but his favorite, is a close up that you did of my face. Also, the sheet cover up lying down.”

Mrs. S is a classy lady. She’s beautiful and warm and elegant and so we did classical boudoir shots. I work with the theory that, sometimes, the sexiest thing is not seeing everything, so I pulled some cues from Marilyn Monroe and other classic beauties. The result was an album that both of them were very happy with and a perfect wedding day gift that he will cherish for the rest of his life.

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