Tampa Headshot Photographer – Maggie’s New Professional Headshot

We had the pleasure of photographing Maggie. Here is what she had to say about her business portrait experience

Why did you have your new business portrait done

I needed a professional, well taken photograph to be able to promote my services and put a face to my name.

Was this your first professional headshot?


I enjoyed working with Jonathan because:

I am typically one to shy away from the camera, especially when it is “forced”. Jonathan made me feel comfortable which made my pictures come out naturally, as if I was casually speaking to someone and genuinely smiling and laughing, which in essence is what I was really doing!  Jonathan was able to maintain conversation with me and I forgot the camera was even there!

What was your favorite part during your business portrait:

How easy it was to work with Jonathan. I was relaxed, engaged and had fun! Jonathan was an integral part of that. I initially came in not knowing how to smile, pose, etc. Jonathan was able to put me at ease which made my pictures turn out perfect.

What would you tell someone who has never had a professional headshot taken?

A headshot is not just wearing businesses attire and taking a photo.  Jonathan knew exactly what was needed to do a professional headshot. He guided me on what to wear, what colors to use and how I should pose to be able to take the best photo possible. The results came out fantastic.

If you were to recommend Jonathan, What would you say?

He knows what he is doing, plain a simple. If you want the most effective headshot, Jonathan will achieve that. He is professional and comfortable to work with, which is essential when working with a photographer.   My pictures turned out great as a result!