St Petersburg Wedding Photogrtapher – Lisa + Michael Engaged To Be Married | Saint Petersburg Florida Photographer

I’ve heard of high school sweethearts but Lisa and Michael have taken it a step further and are middle school sweethearts. “We knew of each other in middle school,” they said. “Although we ran in different circles, we did have many mutual friends. We had not seen or spoken to each other in fifteen years when we reconnected at Moon Under Water two years ago.” That was October 2010, and they began dating soon after. Then, over dinner at the Don CeSar, he proposed. I had the pleasure of capturing their engagement memories just recently and on Saturday will be there for their wedding.

Lisa loves the beauty of historical downtown St Petersburg. And who can blame her? Our beautiful city was founded in 1875 by General John Williams and from the beginning was seen as a resort town, a place where people could come to escape the cold winters. The Detroit Hotel, which still stands, was one of the first places built here. Michael loves the tropical beaches. And who can blame him? Our beaches are one of the reasons St Petersburg is so popular a destination. Their engagement photographs reflected their individual personalities but also the blending together of those personalities. Their wedding, too, will reflect this blending. She’s chosen Saint Mary Our Lady of Grace for the ceremony, a gorgeous Catholic church which has served St Petersburg for over eighty years. For the reception, they’re going to be at the Club on Treasure Island. A simple, elegant blending of their lives and tastes, this is what their wedding and their marriage is going to be about.

As a photographer, I know that these moments are not just milestones in people’s lives, they are the cherished memories that will last a lifetime and beyond. It’s incredibly important for me to discover who these people are and reflect that in the photographs that will hang on walls and be set in scrapbooks and photo albums to be shown to future generations. I try to create art with these photographs, not just capturing the image of a happy couple but showing who they are. This is why I’m happy when Lisa and Michael said they were pleased with the creativity and beauty of the photographs. I can’t ask for anything more.

Lisa and Michael are a wonderful couple and I wish them luck and happiness from Saturday on as they officially start their life together.

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