I could really use your help.

I am part of a Business Development Team which is a group of professionals that meets weekly and passes business between us. My group is constantly on the lookout for business to pass to their referral partners and for the last 12 months we have passed 1.277 million dollars between us!!! Can you believe it? It’s a phenomenal group that is serious about business, but we have a lot of fun during our meetings as everyone has a great sense of humor.

But we discussed that we have several professions that we keep getting referrals to pass, but because we are missing these professions in my group, we have nowhere to pass these referrals.

It would really help me if you could refer me to someone that you know, like and trust in the following professions so that I can invite them to our group and increase their business substantially.

Here are the professions that the group agreed that we NEED!!

Commercial Realtor
Title Company
Restoration Company
Property Manager
Business Broker
Hair Dresser
Nursing Home Administrator
Auto Body Shop

Thank you so much in advance for your assistance!!!