Hotel Zamora :: Saint Pete Beach FL Wedding Photography

Tyler and Mark make such a cute couple and absolutely loved working with them for their Hotel Zamora wedding. We loved the attention to detail that went into their wedding. Tyler and Mark spent their day surrounded by their close family and friends. Be sure to also check out their Ybor City engagement session.

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“My husband and I used Jonathan Fanning for our engagement and wedding photos and I could not be happier with that decision. Jonathan went above and beyond our expectations with every photo he took. Our wedding photos were so beautiful and he managed to capture things I didn’t even know were happening. I am so happy we will have these photos to look back on forever. Jonathan also made the difference in the wedding behind the scenes. Jonathan helped me to make the schedule for the day and ensured me he would keep things moving if we had issues. It helped so much to know that he had our back and would help us if we needed help. I am so happy we found Jonathan for the wedding. I am sure I will be using him again in the future.”