Do you retouch photos?

Yes, retouching is included in all orders placed. Our  retouching includes removal of bruises, cellulite, scars, acne, under eye circles, straightening or whitening of the teeth, tattoo removal, tan line removal, removal of tags in lingerie and can also include changes to the shape of your body

How many outfits should I bring?
It is totally up to you however if you are planning on making an album we recommend a minimum of 5 outfits.

What types of outfits should I bring?
Above all, you should bring outfits that fit you well and make you feel confident. If there are areas of your body you would prefer not to highlight in the photos, we recommend selecting outfits that hide or flatter those areas. Don’t forget a pair of heels!

I don’t know what to wear, do you have any suggestions?
We suggest lacy boy shorts, corsets, little skirts, men’s button down shirts, fitted jeans, pearls, diamonds, and little nighties. Be creative!

Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely, We often have clients who may feel more comfortable bringing a friend, often times they schedule one for them selves.

Can I bring my husband/fiancé/boyfriend?
Only if it is not a surprise gift for him.

Do you do nudes?
Yes, tasteful nude photographs; more Maxim than Playboy.

Do I have to get nude?
No, you can be as covered as you like. The decision is left entirely up to you.

Do I have to look like a supermodel to have boudoir photos taken?
Absolutely not! Any size and age are welcome.

How many photos do I get?
We believe in quality over quantity. It all depends on how many outfits.
What time should I arrive for my session?
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your designated session time. That way you can relax for a little while and it allows for any hair, make-up, & clothing changes

When can I see my photos?

We schedule you a private viewing session were we project your images in our viewing room.

Do you have a package that includes a CD of high resolution images?

Will you post my photos on your blog or website?
Given the sensitive nature of boudoir photography, boudoir photos are never posted without permission from the client. Names are never used on our blog, website, or printed materials.

Where will my session take place?

Your session may be either in studio or on location.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash, check, and credit card.

I am interested in scheduling a session, what must I do to get started?

In order for us to schedule a session, we must first schedule a design consultation to discuss what exactly you are looking for such as style, look, and ideas.