Family portraits communicate how we feel about ourselves, our world, and those closest to us.  We are proud to offer you this to be created in studio or an environmental location such as a park, on the beach, or in the comfort of your own home
So ask yourself, when was the last time you had a family portrait?

FACT: When disaster strikes it’s the family photographs that people look to save or salvage first.   Let us capture you as an entire family, the children together individually, you as a couple and as many combinations that you may need.

To create unique portraits of your family, JfanPhoto requires you to to discuss ideas, talk about locations and discuss what to wear on the day of your session.

JfanPhoto works at a relaxed pace so you don’t even realize you’re having your portrait taken. This ensures you’re having fun and that the portraits are natural, allowing Jonathan to create unique pieces of art for your home décor.

Family portraits have an important role in building family history, they are a gift you give yourself, your children and generations to come.

Please check out one of our recent Family Portrait Sessions “The Sanz Family”

For more information on our Family Portraits, please feel free to contact us.