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Tampa Boudoir Photographer :: Mr. & Mrs. S

I decided to do the boudoir session for many reasons.  First and foremost I saw your work.  You are amazing and I wanted to have a session with you.  Secondly, every women wants that look!  When her man sees her looking sexy and is like "Wow."  I also wanted that wow effect for myself.  I have done a lot of self improvement, and wanted to feel sexy.  My fiancée makes me feel sexy and wanton, but women sometimes need that extra boost. Working with Jonathan is very easy.  He is so amazing at what he does, he makes it look simple.  The poses and the set up are very natural.  He made me feel very comfortable during the entire session.  My session was a bit different than the standard boudoir session, as my fiancé came to the shoot and was in some of the photos as well. I loved that.  Who better to make me feel more sexy and wanton than the man that I wanted this for!  When we saw the final product together, I got my "wow."   I looked at my fiancé at one point and he had the expression, [...]

St Petersburg Florida Boudoir Photographer :: Mrs. B Sneak Peek

Absolutely loved how Mrs B's boudoir session turned out! She was so sweet and fun to work with and even gave us permission to share her photos with you. Thank you Mrs B for choosing us to be your photographer. :) We had such a great time creating beautiful images of Mrs. B for her to give as a gift to her boyfriend for their one year anniversary. Here is what she had to say about her boudoir experience. What made you decide to do a boudoir session? I decided to do a boudoir session because my one year anniversary was approaching and I wanted to get my boyfriend something special and incorporate our relationship in some photos. Plus, I jokingly said to Jonathan “these pictures need to seal the deal and make my boyfriend want to put a ring on my finger” LOL   I enjoyed working with Jonathan because:  I enjoyed working with Jonathan soooo much! I searched for a few weeks for a photographer and it seemed like the ones I spoke to was they were either a fake photographer, produced lo[...]