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Saint Petersburg Photo Restoration Services

Recently, I had a client bring in an old cherished photograph of himself and his wife to be restored and thought I would share the before and after. I love restoring old photographs to look new again!

St Petersburg Photo Restoration Services - We Restore Old Photorgaphs - Jonathan Fanning

Jonathan Fanning is passionate about old photographs. He realizes that the images he repairs are tied to cherished memories and, often, to loved ones passed on. Jonathan is a skilled artist that will faithfully restore your photo with the utmost care to every detail. Choosing Jonathan guarantees you’ll get a flawless restoration that will last a lifetime. Jonathan will make a professional scan, which is essential to give him the best raw material to work with. And you'll get a long-lasting archival print. Most important, you'll deal with him face-to-face. Contact us today to get your old photographs brought back to life. 727-459-4594 or [email protected]

Saint Petersburg Photo Restoration - We Make Old-Damaged Photos Look New!

No matter what's wrong with your photo, we've seen it before. And we've fixed it. We combine old-fashioned artistry with digital technology to repair stained, spotted, torn, cracked, bleached and faded images like yours every day. Just take a look at some of our photo restoration work. Memories are priceless, and what is a photograph but a frozen moment in time? Children grow up, and loved ones are lost. But with our photo restoration services, those moments live on. Even though nobody restores more photos than us, every photo is precious to us. We treat your photos with the care a family heirloom deserves. So, get those precious photos out of the shoebox and bring them by the studio to get started today.  

Clearwater Photo Restoration - A Recent Photo Restoration Testimonial - St Pete Photo Restoration

Tell us your story on why you decided to get your photograph restored: I wanted something unique for my brother & sister-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary. back then, (1963), color photography wasn't widely available and when it was it was a pricey add-on for a wedding. so i had one of their black/white photos colorized...to create that 'something special' keepsake. What is the story behind the photograph you had restored: The photo is of the bride & groom looking out the rolled- down side window (back seat) of their car. There had been about 8 inches of snow the night before, and was still snowing during the ceremony the next morning, at 11 am. ( in those days, weddings were early and receptions didn't start till around dinner time. ) Anyway, the snow is visible in the frame because of the configuration of the car, underscoring the seasonality. it was a pretty wedding, cranberry bridesmaids dresses, black tuxes, white bridal gown, and a blanket of snow for a backdrop.... I e[...]

Old Photo Repair Service

Do you have an old photograph that is spotted, bleached, torn, faded, cracked or some form of being damaged? We can fix it