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Sneak Peek - Newborn Baby Carter

We had a wonderful time photographing two month old baby Carter the other day.  Isn't baby Carter one cute little dude?   [nggallery id=59]

Sneak Peeks - Lexi

This evening I had the honor of photographing the daughter of my good friends Carol & Ken. Here is a quick sneak peek of what is more still to come. [nggallery id=58]

How sexy???

So… you’re ready to book your boudoir shoot. But just how SEXY do you want your shoot to be? This is a question that you should ask yourself before you go in for your shoot. Above all, your photographer should never ask you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. ……. Sexy dress! Classy nude! Illusion of nudity… etc…

Sneak Peek - Michele

Had a great time photographing the lovely Michele in beautiful downtown St Petersburg this evening! Here is a quick sneak peek from this evenings portrait session. Be sure to tell us what ya think! :) [singlepic id=503 w=320 h=240 float=]

Sneak Peeks - Meg & Joesph

We had a fantastic time photographing Meg & Joseph in their Christmas outfits! We have had the honor of photographing them for the past three years. Be sure to tell us what you think!! [nggallery id=54]

St Petersburg Family Photographer - Sneak Peeks

We had a fantastic time photographing Amber, Ava, & Wiley last night!  Amber is pregnant with their second child Carter and is expecting late December.  Here are a few shots from their maternity portrait session. [nggallery id=53]

Sneak Peek - Tim

We had a awesome time photographing Tim the other day in his Halloween costume. Check out some of some of the shots and let us know what you think!

3 Pint Harmony - Sneak Peeks

So this evening I got to photograph my good friend Ken's band 3 Pint Harmony at the Three Birds Tavern in St Petersburg. Here are some of the images from this evening. Check em out!